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What is Mobile Application Development all about

You may have heard the phrase, "There's an App for That". What is an "App"? How do you build one? Where do you start?

There are thousands of mobile applications published in various App Stores that you can purchase at a relatively low cost or use for free. However, if you cannot find an existing mobile application that does exactly what you need, you may want to consider a custom built application. Mobile applications that you develop can be made available to other smart phone or tablet users worldwide or you can make them only available to your staff if that is more appropriate.

When it comes to developing applications for mobile platforms, there are many things to consider prior to the development process beginning. At Datawise, we spend time with you to consider your specific requirements for a mobile application and we will work with you to design an application that works for you.

Types of Mobile Applications

There are many different types of mobile devices that can run applications. Some such devices includes the Apple iPhone, iPad, or phones and tablets running Google's Android operating system (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S II or the Motorola Xoom tablet). There are also Blackberry phones and tablets as well Microsoft Windows Phone 7 based phones which is the newest and one of the nicest of the mobile systems currently available.

Mobile Web Applications

One way to build a mobile application is to build a website customised for the mobile form factor. An example of a mobile web application is the mobile YouTube site. A mobile web application is basically a normal website but made with a smaller and more simple user interface to make it easier to use on devices that have smaller screens that a regular computer. In general a mobile web application cannot access all the hardware features of the phone or tablet. Datawise can build mobile targeted and optimised websites and may propose this as the best solution if you require cross platform compatibility, do not require offline access, have a relatively low budget and do not require access to the device hardware features.

Native Mobile Applications

A native application is built specifically for the device type you are targeting and is downloaded and installed on the phone or tablet. Native applications can have more sophisticated functionality and can utilise the advanced hardware features of the device including onboard camera, GPS, microphone, gyroscope, among other things. If you need an application to work whilst out of mobile reception, or when the radio transmitters are turned off, a native mobile application is required.

What value can mobile applications provide to a business?


  • Extend your business reach - By building a mobile application, you can extend your business reach either to a mobile workforce, or to mobile customers
  • Promoting your business - A custom application can be built just for your business to promote your products and services accessible by all users of the mobile platform
  • Easy customer access - Your mobile application can be available anywhere, anytime to customers and potential customers globally
  • Business process streamlining - A mobile application can enable your staff to be more efficient when out of the office by utilising a mobile application to access and submit corporate information whilst on the road
  • New application idea - You may even have a new idea that has never been tried before which could earn additional revenue for you or your company or allow you to improve the way you do business.

What can Datawise provide in the area of Mobile Application Development to our customers?

 can build you a custom mobile application that meets your specific requirements. We will listen to you and how you want your application to work and will design a mobile application that works well for you and your business. Datawise have the tools to build applicaitons on multiple platforms including Windows Phone 7, Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad). We are not currently considering developing mobile applications for Blackberry devices. We believe that Windows Phone 7 (and 8 when released), Android and iOS provide excellent platforms for building mobile applications.

We are currently working on a number of internal projects that we will showcase when completed. If you are interested to look at what we are up to, please feel free to contact us using the contact form above.

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